Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to spot a Ladyboy/Katoey

If it is your first visit to Asia, Cambodia, Thailand or the Philippines, then you need to be able to seperate the boys from the girls.
We have vreated a little picture guide to help you.

I need a shave.

If the arm muscles are bigger than yours , it's a boy, also look at the knuckles on their hands, a sure fire way to spot a bloke.

Asian girls are shy in public, if your date is not, then the chances are it's a guy.

Voice recognition, if they sound like a man, then the probably are a man. Deep voices in asia generally means your date is a man.

If your partner for the night looks like they need a facial shave, then we are pretty sure that they do. Again, sorry but this means you have paid a bar fine for someone called Dave.

Eyelashes are a dead giveaway, lashes in Asia are normally small, the girls envy long curly eyelashes, so if they look fake then so are they.

If your date's legs looks look like a linebacker's then it's a boy. If you think you can run faster than him, run away, if not pay the bill and take your chances.

The sure fire way to tell if it is a boy, is ask if you can see their penis. The girls will laugh, the boys will say "What you mean?"

Good Luck

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  1. wow i have a few friends like them on orkut just my luck!

  2. The only sure-fire way to spot a ladyboy is to check their ID. Even if they have had the final surgery their ID card will say Mr. not Ms. or Mrs.